A Broad Perspective on the Current Controversy about Election Return Transmissions In Particular and on Our Voting Automation Issues In General

We need the defenders of our democracy to help restore the sovereignty of our elections.

May 2022 presidential race
May 2022 presidential race

Is there prospect for the hybrid election system (HES)?
Bobby M. Tuazon
CenPEG / 17 Nov. 2022

Twelve years after CenPEG called for electoral reforms including replacing the Smartmatic-outsourced Automated Election System (AES) with a Filipino-designed hybrid system, the poll body Commission on Elections (Comelec) finally convened a forum on Nov. 16 to tackle the urgency of instituting electoral changes.

MOA signing
Comelec chairman Garcia (extreme left); 3rd to 5th Natalie Pulvinar, Hector Barrios, and Commissioner Celis

Rightsizing and reengineering bureaucracy

Nelson Celis / The Manila Times column / August 10, 2022
Posted by CenPEG, 16 August 2022


The rightsizing and reengineering of the bureaucracy in the DICT would be a good model for other government agencies with similar cases by obliterating services and processes due to usage of obsolete technology or irrelevant procedures through the merger of redundant business processes.

(NOTE: CenPEG Fellow and long-time AES Watch spokesperson, Nelson J. Celis, has been recently appointed as the new commissioner of the Commission on Elections.)

The May 2022 Elections and the Marcos Restoration: Looking Back and Beyond

Posted by CenPEG.org
22 June 2022

The new administration of Marcos, Jr. and Sara Duterte faces a daunting set of governance challenges rooted in festering structural and institutional constraints amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and rapid changes in the regional and global environment.

Voters wait for their turn to vote (Courtesy: AlJazeera)

Poll automation a sinking ship; time to use a hybrid system
Posted by CenPEG / 21 May 2022

Comelec’s AES – outsourced from foreign company Smartmatic since 2010 – is now a sinking ship that should be replaced immediately by a more reliable election system.

FIT4E convened by CenPEG in 2011 proposed alternative voting system.

Voters go to the polls on May 9

Center for People Empowerment in Governance
April 2022 / Public Edition

If the rebranding stories are true, many of the votes that could go to Marcos, Jr. on May 9 can be said to be the result of social media manipulation.

Cambridge Analytica
Cambridge Analytica

Disqualification cases roil Marcos camp; biggest Left political bloc backs Robredo-Pangilinan team

Posted by CenPEG
14 February 2022


Whatever their final outcomes in the Comelec, these legal cases will almost certainly be appealed to the Supreme Court and its consequences for the entire presidential race are immense.

A Race for Power of Political Dynasties
Bobby M. Tuazon
Posted 26 Jan. 2022

The May 2022 elections will further entrench the country’s ruling political dynasties while the Filipino people will continue to be marginalized from exercising their democratic rights to governance. Once again, we will see familiar faces and the same political dynasties not only in Malacañang but also in Congress and the provinces.

ntm-ntdPhoto by The Atlantic

Clash of political dynasties
Accents May 2022 elections

November 2021 Monthly Political Analysis
Posted 17 Dec. 2021, CenPEG

The May 2022 presidential race is turning out to be a repeat of previous elections – a feud among the country’s dominant political dynasties. The jockeying for power has resulted in the split of the ruling political party, political realignments, and moves by one clique that are apparently meant to mislead rivals. In the end, these dynastic conflicts leave many voters puzzled and others, outraged.

tribune.net photo
Photo: Tribune.net

On proclaiming a winning candidate
Nelson Celis, Manila Times, Dec. 15, 2021
Posted by CenPEG 17 Dec. 2021

The proclamation of a winning candidate should be based on the electronically transmitted and digitally signed election results.
smartmatic machinesSmartmatic machines

We need to renew 'new politics' for the May 2022 polls
Nov. 16, 2021, Rappler
Posted by CenPEG Nov. 17, 2021

political dynasties

Photo courtesy SunStar

For all the issues pestering the country’s election system, one of the most critical issues is the need to demystify the election of a president as the elixir for the country’s woes.



What are geopolitical implications of U.S. defense chief's visit to the Philippines?
Bobby M. Tuazon
Reposted by CenPEG / 03 February 2023

Austin (left) is welcomed by Marcos, Jr. at Malacanang. Photo by SunStar

The Marcos government's deepening defense ties with the U.S. with all its strategic goals against China would risk damaging relations with Beijing, not to mention mutual agreements on economic cooperation and assistance.

Configuring Philippines-China ties under Marcos, Jr.; Philippine Development Plan and controversial funds
December 2022 Monthly Political Analysis
Posted 13 January 2023

Universal Periodic Review at the UN headquarters in Geneva Philstar.com

For decades, the Philippine government’s human rights record has come under close scrutiny by the UN and other rights watchdogs over its failure to end extrajudicial killings victimizing social activists as well as drug suspects.

Posted by CenPEG / 08 November 2022

Because of the institutional and structural fault lines comprehensive economic and political reforms remain unattainable. Unless these systemic problems are effectively addressed, it is unlikely that the six-year presidential term of Marcos, Jr. could usher in and sustain meaningful reforms.

Multidimensional Poverty Index

Marcos, Jr. pivots to the US; faces tough economic challenges

Monthly Political Analysis / September 2022
Posted 28 Oct. 2022

In just two months, President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. took a reverse gear in foreign policy from pledging to promote an “independent foreign policy” in July to a pivot shift to the United States.

Marcos, Jr. meets Biden (NBC News)


Marcos, Jr. in cryptic ties with China
as he commits to U.S. defense alliance

Posted by CenPEG
14 September 2022

Marcos, Jr. (left) and US State Secretary Antony Blinken (right). Photo courtesy Philippine Star

A tentative analysis of the major challenges confronting the Marcos, Jr. government shows that such challenges are not only deep-going but also institutional with their roots traceable not only to the first 70 years of the post-independence present republic but to the enduring semi-feudal and semi-colonial foundations of the country’s political system that have persisted for centuries.

Philippines - a geostrategic battleground?

Roland G. Simbulan
Philippine Daily Inquirer / August 24, 2022
Posted by CenPEG 27 August 2022

We are a hairbreadth away from a miscalculation of grave consequences that threaten human existence.


The other side of Shinzo Abe: historical revisionism, denial of war crimes

Roland Simbulan
Philippine Daily Inquirer / July 26, 2022
Posted by CenPEG / 21 August 2022

Abe seconds before his assassination. (Photo: NPR)
Abe seconds before his assassination. (Photo: NPR)

Abe is credited for his Indo-Pacific strategy with the United States, Australia, and India, which committed Japan to a more aggressive role in the united front against China. The irony of it all is that, even though he tried to remilitarize Japanese foreign policy, his career as a modern leader of Japan was ended by an ex-member of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Indonesian leader's China visit: Elevating bilateral relations

Bobby M. Tuazon
CGTN 28 July 2022
Posted by CenPEG, 29 July 2022

China Indonesia ties

Like Quad, the AUKUS trajectory is aimed at China – which American President Joe Biden has tagged as a "global security threat" – and is a threat as well to Indonesia and other major countries in the region whose bilateral and multilateral relations with China are anchored on economic growth and peaceful cooperation.

Rethinking ASEAN ties with U.S., signs of another Cold War may be in the air
Bobby M. Tuazon CGTN
Posted by CenPEG, 05 April 2022

Joe Biden; UK, US & Australia flags

As in the rest of the world, the Southeast Asian region will see more of this in the years ahead. The world has become more complex, and signs of another Cold War are in the air.

Maelstrom Over the Killing Fields: Interventions in the Project of National-Democratic Liberation
A Book Review by Paul Gabriel L. Cosme, Macalester College

Filipinos, especially intellectuals and compatriots, may find San Juan’s work refreshing, challenging, and seriously provocative. But above all, Maelstrom strongly reminds us of the complicated yet rich history of struggles over the making of the Filipino nation and its psyche.

book cover



U.S.-based scholar E. San Juan, Jr. interviews Bill Fletcher Jr., African-American public intellectual

"I do not anticipate any changes in the near future in the absence of a movement on the ground in the USA that pushes the US on foreign policy generally and the US/Philippines relationship in particular. Frankly, the relationship is very comfortable for the USA and the ruling circles see no reason to change this." - Bill Fletcher, Jr.


PIVOTAL RIFT IN RULING COALITION; ICC probe, charter change & peace talks deepen the feud

Forged in the May 2022 presidential race, Marcos Jr.’s alliance with former President Rodrigo R. Duterte has been shaken as battle swords are unsheathed for a month now. Marcos enhances his pro-U.S. and anti-China policy with a united front deal with Vietnam.


CenPEG launches new book
CenPEG / 25 January 2023

The new book, Spies, Clan Politics, and A New World Order, was launched on January 19 at the Pandesal Forum, Kamuning Bakery, in Quezon City.

pics(L-R) Ibon executive director Sonny Africa, Temario Rivera, Bobby Tuazon, Wilson Lee Flores, and Diliman Book Club founder Henson Laurel.


Jeepney drivers fight for their last breath; Marcos OKs spotty spending plan

CenPEG / 06 January 2023

resume peace talks
While negotiations haven’t been called off, the government has yet to display any signs of reciprocal goodwill toward achieving peace. The NDFP has been more consistent in its willingness to address peace issues. And the holiday gesture shows this has not wavered. The ball is then in the regime’s court.

Peace talks, ICC Probe, maritime tensions
Posted by CenPEG.org
09 December 2023


Asia’s longest internal armed conflict – 54 years in the Philippines - opens another chapter as the government and the armed revolutionary movement announced separately on Nov. 28 to revive peace talks. The negotiating panels of the Marcos government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) agreed five days earlier to resume the talks in a meeting in Oslo brokered by the Norwegian government.

Ce PEG.org
October 27, 2023


Rising with Pride: Blooming beyond

The "seeds of knowledge" thrive at the #China - #Nigeria Friendship Model School, transforming lives in Igbesa village. Retired headteacher Mrs. Akin devoted about 12 years to shaping young minds. Now new headteacher Mrs. Ajo carries on the legacy. #RisingwithPride

10th anniversary of China's Belt and Road Initiative
Rising with Pride: Medical advancement illuminates Kahuta

rising with pride

FIRST YEAR OF MARCOS, JR.: Danger signs in the economy, weak state, foreign policy sell-out
CenPEG.org / 22 August 2023

Marcos’s first year also exposed the absence of reforms in addressing the country’s weak state institutions, such as: professionalizing the civilian and military-police bureaucracies, and so on.


15th State of the Presidency

The Marcos Presidency after 1 year: An Assessment

July 20, 2023 | 10 A.M. | Kamuning Bakery, 43 Judge Jimenez, Cor. K-1st St., Kamuning, Quezon City


The US global war machine in the PH
By: Roland Simbulan - @inquirerdotnet
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 04:15 AM July 10, 2023

Photo by NIÑO JESUS ORBETA / Philippine Daily Inquirer

The additional US Edca (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) bases on Philippine soil and the recent largest-ever “Balikatan” exercises have revived the debate on US military presence in the Philippines.

Marcos State Visit to US Firms up Overall Ties; Administration Ruling Coalition Faces Discord

Marcos, Jr.’s pivot to the U.S. deepens
Posted by CenPEG / 15 May 2023


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